Welcome to the APS Payroll Department

The Payroll staff is responsible for the timely processing of non-contract pay and the production of all payroll checks and advice of deposits. The staff must maintain computerized personnel files on monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to state and federal agencies. They are responsible for posting the monthly payroll to the financial system. The Payroll department processes over 48,500 advice of deposits and 1,500 payroll checks annually.

The Payroll staff is responsible for the preparation and distribution of W-2's for employees, completing transmittals to Social Security and the Colorado Department of Revenue. Payroll assists employees when completing their W-4's, and does research including pull and copy records when requested.

The Payroll staff receives, calculates, and enters deductions on IRS tax levies, continuing writs, child support, and student loans.

Payroll assists in coordination of payroll interface with the financial system.

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The APS Payroll Department offers an online service that allows you to obtain your Pay Statement and W2 Form more easily and securely.